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An acronym for Personal Entertainment Computer System, PECS is a multimedia system that aim to provide next generation on-board interactive entertainment for car passengers. It provides an easy access to thousands of songs through a library, as well as DivX movies and karaoke lyrics.
Built in 2003, the development had to face numerous challenges due to the tough environment that a car is.
It has to meet shock and temperature requirements, as well as low power consumption and space footprint.

Hardware Features:
  • Handmade aluminum casing
  • Self built DC-DC 12V ATX 35W power supply
  • Low power platform (Via EPIA Mini-ITX platform)
  • Low noise active cooling
  • 3.5" hard drive with rubber suspensions
  • 7" VGA touch screen LCD display
Software features:
  • Media Engine software for easy access to various media like song and movie libraries
  • Auto cut-off to avoid draining battery while the car is not moving
  • Integrated Wi-Fi card for automatic sychronization
  • Turn by turn navigation based on Sygic platform

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