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In the modern era, having a good website for your company isn't enough anymore. If your website doesn't show up in the first search result pages it's basically useless.
That's why Search Engine Optimizations - SEO in short - has became increasingly popular.
SEO is an alchemical science since you can't pay Google to appear first in common search results, nor you can discover search engine indexing algorithms.
I use several techniques to achieve this goal without infringing search engine policies:

A website with better content. The website content is created after a keyword selection. The navigation is made easier both for the visitors and search engine crawlers. The website has tools for frequent updates without using complicated software. Particular attention is given to the domain choice.

Make your website popular. Integration with social networks for easy link sharing. Website linking with relevant websites and blogs. Monitoring of brand perception and awareness. Integrated on-line and off-line advertising with statistics and goal conversions. Highly effective AdWords campaigns for initial seeding.



SEO: Search Engine

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