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Niccolò Gallarati
Technology enthusiast, with passion for IT troubleshooting, digital marketing & communication and friendly user interfaces. Have multiple years of self-learned experience in programming, web designing, hardware tweaking and maintenance, customer support.
Resident in Dublin, Ireland, with driving license and passport. Willing to travel on business.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

2009-present – Currently developing a home automation system to lower heat/cooling energy consumption with predictive algorithms and allow remote control/diagnostics through GSM communication

2008 - Development of an all-in-one 3G Internet key, Wi-Fi router and directional antenna, coupled with 50m Ethernet cable and self made Power Over Ethernet system, around Texas Instruments PTN78060 module, to allow Internet connection among multiple devices in digital divided areas with weak 3G coverage

2008 – Development of a GSM modem-based remote text messages alert/interactive system

2008 – Design and production of a multi-functional digital frame, that can auto-update the photo gallery and display various informations like weather, news feed, etc…

2006 – Design and integration of a Home Theater system

2006 – Implementation of VOIP communication systems

2003 – Design, production and installation of an x86 car entertainment system, Nicosoft PECS

2002 – Design and programming of a real-time caller number identification software

2000 – Design of Myron’s Discobolus hypertext, programmed in Visual Basic


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